About us

Propharma International Trading Limited provides distribution, marketing, and promotion services to pharmaceutical brands. Established in 2011, the company is registered and operating within the bounds of Maltese law.

We can assist you at any and all stages of brand promotion. Our team of skilled specialists knows how to maximize the efficiency of your product's sales.

Propharma International Trading Limited works only with reputed pharmaceutical producers. Our mission is to promptly provide consumers with high-quality medicinal and non-pharmaceutical products as well as medical devices—all sourced from reliable and reputed manufacturers all over the world.

Our values

Caring attitude

We supply to our consumers only the products we would buy for our families.


We closely follow the pharmaceutical market and industry news to ensure access to the latest and the greatest medicinal products for our consumers.


We sell only the highest-quality products and ensure proper transportation and storage conditions with strict temperature control.


We do the right things and assist our partners at all stages of cooperation.

Specialization of Propharma International Trading Limited



Delivery of the manufacturer's pharmaceutical products to consumers



Shaping of demand and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction

Ethics and Compliance

We conduct our business in compliance with the requirements of the law and the Code of Conduct. Questions and comments regarding the implementation of the business ethics standards can be sent to our email address: pitethics@ppit.company


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Level 1, LM Complex, Brewery Street, Zone 3 Central Business District, Birkirkara CBD3040, Malta